We had an early start at Espumilla Beach and as soon as we got there, surprises were waiting for us. Three gorgeous brown pelican juveniles in their nest (which was already too small for their size), were the attraction of the morning, and they looked surprised with the visitors surrounding them. Some of us did a hike along the inside of the bay while others had a stretching session on the beach with Diana, our wellness specialist.

The day followed with many activities around Buccaneers Bay. Some groups went kayaking, others took Zodiac rides and kids had the opportunity to learn how to drive the large Zodiac. Immediately after, we went on the last snorkeling of the trip, which was amazing because of the variety and amount of fish, plus the water visibility we had. The best part of this outing was a couple of giant manta rays swimming around us several times!

At lunchtime, we had delicious Ecuadorian food that gave us enough energy to keep going for the rest of this long and interesting day.

When in Puerto Egas, at the beginning of the afternoon hike, we saw a Galapagos hawk feeding from an adult blue-footed booby on the sand. This was very impressive and exciting for all, because the prey was almost the size of the predator and the hawk was tearing it apart in front of our eyes. The hike was beautiful, we encountered Galapagos fur seals, pelicans and boobies. The tide was very low and around the tide pools, we found lots of Sally lightfoot crabs, marine iguanas, Galapagos sea lions, fish and more.

Back onboard, we had a wine tasting organized on the sky deck, and we gathered there and toasted to an incredible day. Later on in the lounge, we saw a video of the collection of the best pictures that were shared by our guests. A great way to end this spectacular day!