This morning, early risers got the chance to kayak along the coastline or take a stroll on Espumilla Beach, where mangrove trees sheltered finches and Galapagos flycatchers. Blue-footed boobies were also taking advantage of the early hours to find sardines near shore. We also found sea turtle tracks and some vacant nests strewn with eggs shells.

We then returned to the ship for a delicious breakfast that included trigillo, a traditional Ecuadoran dish, which we enjoyed amid breath-taking scenery. Our next spot was Buccaneer’s Cove, an historical site where sailor used to find fresh water to drink and giant tortoises to eat. We explored the area looking for wildlife and came across swallow-tailed gulls and fur seals.

In the afternoon, our guests enjoyed the black sand beach of Egas Port and later explored a coastline trail, where we encountered pelicans and many bird species, plus land iguanas, marine iguanas, and much more!