We awoke this morning to find the National Geographic Quest safely anchored in Security Bay, at the northern end of Kuiu Island. The beautiful scenery of this area is complemented by its cultural history. We prepared for many opportunities to explore every aspect of what this location has to offer.

Arriving by Zodiac at the nearby beach, guests had the option of exploring the coastline in kayaks or hiking through the temperate rainforest to find unexpected treasures. On a photography walk, we encountered remnants from past human activity in the area. A 1930s era barge and tender boats were abandoned on a beach after breaking loose from their moorings during a windstorm. The aging wreckage, left to be absorbed by nature, made for fascinating photographic opportunities.

After lunch, as a humpback whale swam leisurely past our anchorage, we returned to the beach and enjoyed the mild weather for more kayaking and extended bushwhacking explorations. The forest offered varying challenges as we pushed and scrambled our way through numerous berry bushes, fallen trees, boot-sucking mud, and soft spongy moss.

Kayakers enjoyed calm waters and paddled their way through a relaxing afternoon at this beautiful location. Returning to the ship, everyone came away with a great story of their time spent at Security Bay, Alaska.