Everyone on National Geographic Endurance saw the true beauty of Patagonia today as we spent our time around Seno Agostini. The eleven-mile long fjord has been scoured by several tidewater glaciers, and we saw beauty everywhere we looked. In the morning, we landed on a tidal beach and split into two groups. The majority of our guests strolled along the beach, looking at the diversity of birds and plant life crowding the beach. Then a second, more intrepid group took a brief but challenging hike through the bushes toward a nearby lake, which turned out to be truly spectacular. We even managed to find a channel for a couple of Zodiacs to enter the lake, and we briefly explored its stunning beauty from the water.

In the afternoon, we ventured deeper into the fjord and found an excellent spot to launch kayaks. Many of our guests took the opportunity to explore the serene waters by themselves or in pairs, listening to the birdlife and the haunting cracking and crashing of a nearby glacier.