The final day of our glorious expedition to Southeast Alaska culminated in Sitkoh Bay on Chichagof Island. A long, narrow bay on the west side of Chatham Straight, Sitkoh is the capstone of our journey together, complete with beautiful scenery and natural, geologic, ancient, and modern human history. On long walks, we took in the magical meadow at the mouth of the river that feeds into the bay, and moderate walkers explored the forest. A secret activity for only the Global Explorers (those 18 and under) took place in the morning, wherein they were permitted (under close supervision) to learn to drive an Expedition Landing Craft, or Zodiac. Thrills were enjoyed by all. In the afternoon, we explored Chatham Strait and caught sight of two male killer whales moving together in what could have been a hunting/fishing party. During the evening, we navigated through the narrow and scenic Peril Straight and Sergius Narrows on our way to Sitka.