We woke up to a cloudy but beautiful day in Sitkoh Bay. We started the morning adventures with hiking and Zodiac cruises. Sitkoh Bay is one of the few places where white banana slugs are found. Our hikers were treated to a few of these rare slugs. Our Zodiacs traveled to a couple salmon spawning streams, where we watched the pink salmon jumping as they waited for higher tide to travel upstream.

During lunch, we began our cruise south down Chatham Strait on our way to Petersburg. Along the way, we discovered a pod of four to five orcas slowly making their way south. They swam alongside us for a while before moving away. Shortly after the orcas left, we noticed a very large group of humpback whales. These whales gave us a magnificent show with a few episodes of bubble-net feeding. When they were done eating, they had a celebratory group breaching. At one point, seven whales breached at the same time. Some whales also showed off with pectoral fin-slapping and tail-slapping. One whale chose to travel beside us until we came to another group of humpbacks.

We ended the day with cocktail hour in front of the amazing view of Kasnyku Falls. It has been a truly unique and spectacular day.