National Geographic Endeavour II continued its itinerary with a visit to the small island of Sombrero Chino, located just 0.1 miles (150 meters) southwest of Santiago Island. Santiago has unique wildlife and a fascinating landscape of rocky shores and lava fields. National Geographic Endeavour II guests enjoyed simultaneous water activities: kayaking, snorkeling, and Zodiac rides. In the late morning, we enjoyed a boat ride along a chain of eroded tuff cones. As we navigated, we passed an enclosed saltwater lagoon. The lagoon was formed by seawater filtrating through the walls of a collapsed tuff cone. We even had the chance to spot a group of Galapagos American flamingos. By the end of the day, we were anchored by Bartolomé Island, a scoria / tuff island formation with a view of Pinnacle Rock. This sandstone formation is one of the most iconic views in the Galapagos. This particular landscape was featured in the movie, Master and Commander.