Daily Expedition Reports
Sombrero Chino Islet and Santiago Island

Joshua Vela, Video Chronicler, August 2019

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 02 Aug 2019

Sombrero Chino Islet and Santiago Island

  • Aboard the National Geographic Islander
  • Galápagos

The protected channel between Sombrero Chino Islet and Santiago Island offers the perfect place for nautical exploration. While kayaking, paddleboarding, or on Zodiac rides, guests were able to observe Galapagos penguins, Galapagos sea lions, striated herons, and bright Sally lightfoot crabs. Later, we went snorkeling and uncovered more of this coastal area. Many had up-close encounters with white-tipped reef sharks, schools of colorful fish, and Galapagos penguins! For some exploration on land, National Geographic Islander repositioned to Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island, where guests hiked on a cooled lava flow. We’ve had a wonderful day in paradise.

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