Today we find ourselves in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a trek east. From Pitcairn Island to Rapanui, it is well over 1,000 nautical miles. On this stint of our journey, it’s a lovely time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the amenities of our beautiful home, National Geographic Resolution

We all participated in a multitude of activities today. After a morning stretch class and breakfast, we had a photo workshop conducted by Certified Photo Instructor Jose Calvo and National Geographic photographer Susan Seubert. Tips and tricks were all well received.

After lunch, we enjoyed a very special activity: the ship’s very first art tour, conducted by Jennifer Kingsley, cultural specialist. Art lover or not, it was the talk of the afternoon. Walking down corridors of the ship has a new meaning for many guests, as they now have a newfound appreciation of the pieces that line the interior.

One of the pieces was inspired by polar bear hair, and it lives at the head of the main stairway on each floor. That means it spans from deck 3 all the way up to deck 8! Blown and twisted glass sits against a black backdrop, representing the translucent, hollow fur and black skin of a polar bear.

We had a special teatime with fresh sushi and sashimi. Following dinner, the crew showcased some of their talent via a crew show. Amazing is an understatement! Singers and dancers got our guests moving, and we carried the party on and on!

Text by Michael Desiderio