On our first full expedition day aboard National Geographic Islander II, we stopped by South Plaza, a parenthesis-shaped islet located on the eastern side of Santa Cruz. Aided by the guidance of the National Park, we visited South Plaza. At only 0.13 square kilometers, the island has a mix of coastal and arid vegetation. It is dominated by Opuntia cactus and sesuvium carpetweed. On a short walk, we enjoyed a scenic view from a 30-meter cliff and encountered several individuals of endemic land iguanas.

To continue our day, we made an hour and a half navigation towards Santa Fé. Here, we started with a snorkeling activity with sea lions, stingrays, and turtles! We also enjoyed a glass-bottom Zodiac tour. After a great snorkel, we finished our day with a short walk along the island. We observed giant cacti and the uniquely pale land iguanas only found in Santa Fé.