After one day of navigation southward we reach one of the northernmost islands in Norway: Sørøya!

The High Arctic, the one we have known during the past week, is now a beautiful memory. We are now immersed in the stunning and welcoming nature of continental Europe. As we wake up and during breakfast, the sky is overcast but we are all in great spirits, excited for the day in front of us. This morning we are going to hike and explore by Zodiacs, beginning at a nice little bay with the name of Mefjord. While most of us go on land for a wonderful hike, others enjoy the views of the fjord from the water while riding on the Zodiacs.

Sometime midmorning, the clouds depart and leave us with wonderful sunshine. The hikes, both long and medium length, are a true delight. We can now fully enjoy the gorgeous views and the amazing colors of the crystalline waters. We think of our divers and undersea specialists, Paul North and Anne Hedlund, who are exploring and photographing the amazing living creatures at the bottom of the sea. Later tonight, they will delight us with a summary of their amazing experiences.

And now it’s time to be back on National Geographic Resolution for a lovely lunch and a long reposition, which will get us at the opposite side of Sørøya. The plan for the afternoon is to explore by Zodiac the bird nesting cliffs towering above the waters of Finnkonvika!

As we approach the area by ship, the clouds are already back above us. Nevertheless, we fully appreciate the stunning nature of this magical place.

Meanwhile, a good swell has picked up, which will make our afternoon’s adventure even more exciting. We lower the Zodiacs and off we go to get a closer look at the cliffs. Thousands of kittiwakes, cormorants, gunnets, and many other species of birds fly above our heads. Their numbers are impressive as we perceive the magnitude of their presence on every area of these imposing cliffs. While negotiating a swell, which is still increasing in height and power, we are impressed by what we see. We come to an area where the waters are a bit calmer and, surprise surprise, we are offered a lovely tea by our hotel director Laura and her team. Just what was needed! 

We keep on with our exploration. The wind picks up; it hails and rains. Back onboard the ship, some of us enjoy a well-deserved hot sauna. After a great recap, we enjoy a lovely dinner.

We are heading south tonight. The swell is still there, but the air is warm. Svalbard is behind us now, but we remain well north of the Arctic Circle—yet another day where night will never come.