On this day we found ourselves enjoying the last full day of the expedition. It’s a strange thing, being sad in paradise, but we have all become close from the amazing experiences we have had together since leaving Broome, in Western Australia. The thought of no longer travelling together was a glum one. We were no longer a ship full of individuals as we started, but we had become a tight group of people on an expedition that took us through different times and worlds. We had travelled through the region of the Kimberley Coast, which even with all attempts, the beauty couldn’t quite be put into words. Then, travelling north, we are ending in the vastly different but equally beautiful Indonesian Islands.

Today we found ourselves at Sumbawa Island in Indonesia. We started the day with a visit to Pamulung Village where we saw firsthand how people lived in this quant village and got a taste of their culture. The highlight of the morning was the traditional water buffalo racing. The water buffalo are beautiful creatures perfectly suited for being in the water and it was easy to see why these people have utilized their skills for centuries. 

In the afternoon the National Geographic Orion relocated off Moyo Island and we had one last opportunity to go for a snorkel in this area that had such diversity of marine life. Once again it did not disappoint with endless fish and coral to be found by all who ventured into the water!

We wrapped up the evening with our new found friends at the Captain’s Farewell dinner!