This morning, we explored Supay Creek and the camu-camu fields around the freshwater lagoon. Camu-camu is a sour fruit that is good for juice (lemonade like), ice cream, and for seasoning meals. We’ve enjoyed this juice at breakfast. Once you taste it, you will wish you always had the opportunity to enjoy it. Next to the camu-camu plantations, there is forest. This is the jungle with all its creatures, from birds to mammals to insects.

The shore of the lagoon is full of waders, such as the great egret. Together with the cocoi heron, the great egret is the largest bird in the Upper Amazon. We also observed some small herons and egrets. The muddy shore was teeming with small creatures. We spotted a number of plovers and sandpipers. For birders, this place is paradise, as they can complement their sightings with raptors, monkeys, and macaws!

After our morning navigation, we stopped at Yarapa Creek in the region of Paranapura for our afternoon visit. This is another good place for bird watching along the Ucayali River. The Ucayali merges with the Marañon River to form the mighty Amazon River. We found a new forest in the process of formation due to the path of the river and annual changes. Lagoons are formed in forests and swamps, which is the right place to find Victoria regia giant lily pads! Today we had a special sighting of the giant lily pads. As we were contemplating them, we spotted a couple of baby caimans resting on top of them! We enjoyed kayaking and skiff exploration to look for monkeys and raptors among the trees along the riverbank. The forest was generous today.

What an amazing day!