Today we woke up, to a nice sunny day in the Amazon, great light for photography. Right after breakfast we boarded the skiffs and kayaks to explore this tributary river of the Ucayali, along the stream we spotted yellow billed terns, black collared hawks, great egrets. The sun was shining and the kayakers started paddling along the river bank surrounded by an exuberant green forest and watched by the birds soaring above them.

After a great river exploration and wildlife observation we came back to the ship and a pod of pink dolphin once again performed a show at the stern, just a few feet away from our skiffs.

After lunch we visited a local community with a great handicraft market that showcases effort and creativity of the people of the forest. Our guests had the opportunity to learn and discover the way of living of the locals as they walk through the populated area.

After the visit we visited Yarapa Caño to spot wildlife in the golden hour, we observed wooly monkeys, orioles and tanagers and coming back to the ship for the last time after a great adventure with a spectacular sunset.