If someone asked me to sum up today with just one word I wouldn’t have to think twice. “Colorful” would be my answer. What a colorful day!

Many friendly faces greeted us as we set foot onto the boardwalk of the tiny fishing village, Tanjung Kumbik, in the Natuna Archipelago. We had some time to stroll around and everyone marveled at the beautiful wooden houses built on stilts along the coastline of this small, remote island in the South China Sea. Purple, orange, blue, green, yellow—simply every color imaginable as far as the eye could see! But not just the houses were colorful—the dancers, treating us to a wonderful performance, shone even brighter.

In the afternoon this spectacle of colors continued as we immersed ourselves in the warm water surrounding Pulau Setaih. Coral reef fishes were competing with giant clams, bright blue sea stars, almost neon-colored feather stars, nudibranchs, and an array of healthy corals for the “most-colorful award.” It was a delight so see so much vibrant life painted in vivid colors and feel the warmth of this tropical ocean.