We had a wet but exciting morning on National Geographic Quest. Stretch class was drippy, but Robin found ways to make us gently pull on muscles and tendons while sitting down on chairs. In the dim morning light, we could see channel markers light up in whites and reds as we cruised past. After more cruising and briefings, we set off for Crag Rat’s for a catered lunch. This building is home to the brave search and rescue team that serves Mt. Hood. Reading about their history was inspiring. We moved on to the Draper Girls’ produce stand within the “Fruit Loop” of the gorge. It’s apple and pear season now. The stand amazed us with the variety of jams and jellies offered. Their goats, colorful pumpkins, and blooming dahlias welcomed us with gusto. Next, we were off to the impressive WAAAM Museum (Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum) with over a hundred working antique vehicles and planes. To finish our activities, we stopped at Multnomah Falls for a quick walk in the light rain. This waterfall is the highest continuous waterfall in Oregon with a picturesque bridge. Tonight, our historian will guide us through the Lewis and Clark historical expedition as we sit warm and cozy in our lounge.