The Inian Islands
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  • 12 Jul 2022

The Inian Islands, 7/12/2022, National Geographic Quest

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  • Alaska

Oh Inians, full of current and life. We ventured out amongst the Inian Islands at max flood tide this morning. The current flooded water into the Inside Passage, the shallow water creating an incredible upwelling. Rockfish, Pacific cod, halibut, and salmon were tossed by the current and became food for hungry predators. Steller sea lions grabbed salmon and cod, bashing them against the surface of the water to break them up and swallow them. Bald eagles waited on the spruce and hemlock that grow on the cliffs, looking for rockfish trapped at the surface by expanded air bladders. The eagles soared down to grab the rockfish and flew back to their roost to enjoy the easy meal. A feast hosted by the currents of the Inians.

A short reposition away at George Island, we set out to explore. We had a plethora of adventures. Some guests took off on a long adventure, crisscrossing the island and exploring what it has to offer. We found wonderful flowers and varied habitats. Birds chattered around us while we examined the flora: swertia, bellflowers, butterwort, sundews, and asters, to name a few. Some guests went kayaking to explore the protected bay and peer down at sea stars and jellies. Others hiked out to a six-inch gun set up as part of an outpost in 1942 to protect the Inside Passage from potential invasion during WWII.

It was a busy day but a good kind of busy. Full of Zodiac cruises, kayaking, hiking, and adventure. And after a busy day, we enjoyed a refreshing dip in the cold Alaskan waters. A tiring, fulfilling day exploring Alaska.

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