Tingmiarmiut Fjord
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  • 09 Jul 2022

Tingmiarmiut Fjord, 7/9/2022, National Geographic Endurance

  • Aboard the National Geographic Endurance
  • Arctic

During the early hours of the morning, we entered Tingmiarmiut Fjord under overcast skies, steady gentle rain, and glassy seas. Icebergs floated past us. Some were laden with rocks and sediment, others were a myriad of pieces knitted together, and still others had hues of blues, turquoises, and pure whites. It was a marvel to behold.

The morning plan unfolded as planned: kayaking and Zodiac cruises. After a hearty breakfast, we headed for the activity of our choice.

The yellow kayaks, resplendent under the gray skies, headed off to explore the fjord and enjoy the peace of this beautiful location. The balmy conditions made this a memorable experience.

The Zodiac cruises were equally enjoyable. There were opportunities to approach the coastline and get some close views of algae and small barnacles, as well as some colorful plants above the waterline. The rocks towering sharply above us were a geologist’s paradise. Many gorgeous icebergs captivated us with their pristine beauty.

We enjoyed watching birds, including large glaucous gulls, numerous flocks of common eider ducks, black guillemots, and the highlight, a raven! Our cruise ended close to a tidewater glacier and two delicate waterfalls.

During lunch, National Geographic Endurance relocated and in the afternoon we all had the chance to go ashore and get a leg stretch. The landing was on smooth, light-colored rocks that quickly gave way to a dark dyke that served as a highway to a Zen Garden landscape. There were “rake” marks everywhere, caused by freezing and thawing. There were walks to suit all our needs, and no matter what was chosen. we all were amazed at the beauty of the abundant wildflowers and lichens. For those who ventured a little farther, there was the reward of some rock ptarmigan.

Unfortunately, this lovely time ashore had to come to an end, but new adventures beckoned us further along the marvelous Greenland coast.

The day ended with the customary evening cocktail hour and recap followed by another sumptuous meal. Life is good!

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