Today we woke up to a perfect day here in Southeast Alaska aboard National Geographic Sea Bird. There was a light cloud cover atop the beautiful fjord as we sailed into Tracy Arm Fjord. The steep walls on either side are breathtaking, and everyone gathered on the bow as we sailed up to Hole in the Wall Waterfall. We were able to learn about long exposure photography and worked on a number of beautiful photos. Due to the steep walls of the fjord, the ship was able to maneuver very close to the falls. We then sailed towards the glacier, and as we rounded the corner, the lighting from the sunrise was absolutely incredible.

After breakfast, we boarded our expedition landing crafts and cruised into the ice field to get up close to this massive wall of ice. As we learned about the history of this amazing landscape, the clicks of cameras could be heard all around. These icebergs are like floating art sculptures, and it would be easy to spend hours cruising around each one to be able to photograph them from every angle. As we sat watching this marvel, we were treated to a couple calving events where massive sheets of ice fell from the glacier. It is something that will not soon be forgotten.

After coming back to the ship, we were treated to a delicious lunch as we sailed back down the fjord. The clouds began lifting as we made anchor at our next destination of Williams Cove. We headed to shore and were given the option of multiple hikes and kayaking. Some guests bushwhacked through the beautiful Tongass National Forest. This incredible area feels like walking into Narnia, and the forest has an amazing amount of biodiversity. The opportunity to explore it firsthand was a treat. We then came back to the ship and had a peaceful night on board before heading to bed to get ready for our next day of activities.