We have arrived at Urbina Bay. From the ship, the mountain looked very green. This is a sign that the rainy season has arrived. We observed the shield shape of Alcedo Volcano. The slopes are now covered with vegetation.

We started with a morning walk. As soon as we got to the black beach, we saw trails to Pacific green sea turtle nests. The beach is small, but it is an important spot for these turtles to lay eggs. We explored the vegetation to look for Galapagos land iguanas. We observed huge females. Some of the males were showing territorial behavior while others fed from the bushes. Alcedo giant tortoises hid away from the sun and walked along the trail.

After the outing, guests went swimming. The water was very refreshing after our walk. The Global Explorers learned how to drive Zodiacs. Back on the ship, naturalist Paul Vergara gave a lecture in the lounge on human history in the Galapagos. This was followed by a delicious Ecuadorian lunch that included different foods from our country.

The ship moved to Tagus Cove, where we enjoyed various activities during the afternoon. Guests made use of kayaks and paddleboards and were offered opportunities to take Zodiac tours or to go snorkeling. We enjoyed seeing different species of marine animals. Then we took an invigorating hike to a nice viewpoint from which we could see Darwin’s Lake.

During the afternoon’s activities, we enjoyed a refreshing rainfall, very common at this time of year. Today was a wonderful day on this beautiful island in the Galapagos.