We spent our morning on the little archipelago of Vega. Hundreds of skerries surround the main island, making our approach and arrival unique and dramatic. This place is known worldwide for a tradition that the locals continue: the harvest of eider down.

The idea is to keep the nests in good shape during the winter so that the eider ducks choose the nests when summer arrives. The females rip the down from their chests to prepare their nests for eggs. The down is extremely warm and soft. The handicrafts made from the down are mostly for protecting locals from the cold: mittens, gloves, scarves, and even bedcovers!

We went for different hikes on the island to discover the landscape, including the birdlife and the flowers that are beginning to bloom.

In the afternoon, we moved to Lomsdal National Park. We went out for some great Zodiac rides along the sheer cliffs shaped in the past by glaciers. At the very end of the fjord, we moved to land. Hikers stretched their legs among the birch trees and conifers.