Today we headed for the famous Dynjandi Waterfall, located deep in the Westfjords of Northwest Iceland. The day started with overcast skies, light rain, some fog, and flat and calm seas. On the way into the fjord, we encountered lots of feeding seabirds, including northern fulmars, northern gannets, auks, and sooty shearwaters. We observed a minke whale cruising by the ship. Some of us took the three-mile hike to the falls while the rest of us were dropped off at the foot of the falls.

We spent a very enjoyable morning taking in the sights and sounds of Dynjandi Waterfall and soaking up the richly coloured landscape, filled with flowers in bloom and birches and willows in many shades of green.

In the afternoon, we had a very close encounter with a pod of white-beaked dolphins. Later, we were entertained by at least twelve humpback whales feeding in a mercury-like sea.

And that was not the end of our exciting day in the Westfjords of Iceland! After dinner, we went ashore at Vigur Island and visited a working eider farm. We were given a guided tour of the small, very picturesque island. Highlights included an in-depth explanation of the process of gathering and processing eider down and a walk on a pathway thorough a very noisy Arctic tern colony. The day was topped off with a cup of coffee and a slice of delicious and traditional Icelandic Happy Marriage Cake, which is made with rhubarb and oats.