What began as a rainy morning aboard National Geographic Venture turned into high clouds with the occasional peak of sunshine as we traversed Williams Cove in Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness. Thirty-three people with the spirit of Alaskan adventure decided to explore the forest via bushwhacking. We found immense thickets of juicy, ripe blueberry bushes, patches of bright red watermelon berries, and to our delight, a muskeg with a central pond and lilies!

After lunch, we cruised farther up Tracy Arm, where we had the delight of viewing a male orca! We watched it dive down, and the pronounced dorsal fin cut through the surface of the water. We eventually made our way to South Sawyer Glacier, where we split into two groups for Zodiac tours to gain a closer look at all things ice. Bergy bits, growlers, and brash ice were examined up close. The deepest blue of the densest ice was glowing from fresh calving, and harbor seals galore were hauled out on the ice. After spending time in this otherworldly ecosystem, the Zodiacs cruised back to the ship. Various levels of succession were observed on the ride back, and once on board, guests were greeted with a cup of warm hot cocoa and spirits to get cocktail hour started in fashion. It was an adventure filled day in Tracy Arm!