It’s Wrangell Day! We woke up this morning from a night full of vivid, temperate rainforest-filled dreams to a crisp vibrant Alaska–breathing in the cleanest air most of our lungs have ever had the pleasure to experience. As we stepped outside of our cabins, we were met with the seaside town of Wrangell. This is Southeast Alaska. Sipping coffee and eagerly awaiting another mouthwatering breakfast, we cannot help but wonder…what sorts of adventures will we be part of today? This is our third full day exploring Southeast Alaska onboard National Geographic Sea Lion. We began in Juneau and will end our trip in Ketchikan, but let’s not even think about the last day yet! Today is Wrangell Day!

Wrangell is a vibrant, small town with lots of history to learn about and wonderful places to explore. The Tlingit tribe has a beautiful tribal presence that is ribboned throughout Wrangell. It is important when exploring the world to learn about the cultures of each spot, not only for educational purposes but more so out of respect for the people and the land they cared for long before history books were written.