We spent a full day exploring two remote locations of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, Yanalpa Caño in the morning and El Dorado River in the afternoon. We disembarked in direction to Belluda Caño at around 0615. After a soft tropical rain that followed us at the beginning, we were fortunate to have many great sightings of wildlife.

In the late afternoon after kayaking, we had plenty of time to go far and beyond El Dorado River. We experienced firsthand the extraordinary biodiversity of the rainforests. Our skilled naturalists spotted several bird species like wattled jacanas, yellow-billed terns, some birds of prey, several three-toed sloths, and some monk saki monkeys as well. As the evening came, from the comfort and safety of our skiffs, we used powerful spotlights to locate several caiman alligators.