Right after breakfast, we boarded the skiffs to ride along the blackwater Yanayaquillo River. We were greeted by the playful behavior of capuchin monkeys and the vibrant hues of blue-and-yellow macaws. Our journey led us to the tranquil Renacal Lagoon; it is abundant with floating vegetation and serves as a haven for sun-basking reptiles. Here we marveled at white caimans, a caiman lizard, colorful frogs, and even a small anaconda; each creature contributes to the lagoon's rich mosaic of wildlife.

We invited a local medicine woman to our vessel, to share with us with the secrets of the rainforest's medicinal plants. As we savored our lunch, Delfin II glided downstream on the Marañon River towards Nauta Creek. There we launched kayaks, which sliced through the creek's mirrorlike waters and were enveloped by the forest's lush greenery. Later, aboard the skiffs, we delved deeper into this wondrous realm, encountering diverse birds and monkeys. Our hearts were filled with joy as we returned to Delfin II, enriched by the day's adventures.