Yarapa River and Casual Forest
  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 08 Nov 2019

Yarapa River and Casual Forest

  • Aboard the Delfin II
  • Amazon

As the trip continues, Delfin II makes her way closer to the convergence of the two main tributaries of the Amazon River. This morning we visited Yarapa Creek, our last visit along the Ucayali River. A quite impressive flooded area with abundant life, our guests we able to spot some new species such us wooly and spider monkeys in the treetops.

In the afternoon we navigated to the other tributary of the Amazon River, the Marañon. This afternoon we visited Casual Rainforest, an area taken care of by a community of people who come to show us the local plants and help us spot animals in the forest. After a great visit we boarded the skiffs and explored the riverbank on our way back to the ship.

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