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  • 7 Jul 2020

Antarctica in Action: From Energetic Wildlife to Big Ice

Antarctica is as remote and pristine as it comes. Here in the planet's last great wilderness animals and icebergs vastly outnumber people. And as the austral summer rolls in, the icy world comes alive with movement and nature-made melodies. Cacophonous penguin colonies. Elated killer whales. Massive icebergs sounding their snap, crackle and pop. These videos capture just a few of those special moments that will move Antarctica straight to the top of your travel list.     Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

Killer Whale Songs

An incredible up-close encounter with a spirited pod of Type A killer whales. Watch (and listen to!) these cetaceans  vocalizing, squawking, singing, and generally showing off for some very lucky guests.

Penguin Pebble Fight

Barrientos Island in the South Shetlands is home to both chinstrap and gentoo penguins, who arrive on land as soon as rocks are exposed to begin building their nests. The best pebbles, as you 'll see, can be a hot commodity when nests are at stake.  


A Sea of Sky-High Icebergs

People come to Antarctica for the penguins, but end up thoroughly amazed by the ice! See how these island-sized tabular icebergs—some more than 100 feet high—populate the waters off the coast of the peninsula.  

Join the ranks of history's boldest explorers! Head into the ice on one of our exhilarating Antarctic itineraries.