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  • 23 Feb 2022

'Good Morning America' in Galapagos: Photo Highlights, February 22, 2022

After an amazing trip to Antarctica in November, we’re excited to welcome Good Morning America and Amy Robach back to Lindblad Expeditions, this time to explore the magical islands of Galápagos! Tune in to GMA February 21-26 as Amy reports live from the National Geographic Endeavour II as part of GMA's "Extraordinary Earth" series. Here are a few photo highlights from the trip so far. 

galapagos hawk

A juvenile red-footed booby takes flight. (photo by Jonathan Aguas


four galapagos tortoise photos

The many moods of Galapagos giant tortoises. (photos by Heidi Farmer)


sea turtle tracks

A Pacific green sea turtle makes unusual tracks on its way back to the sea after basking in the sun. (photo by Javier Carrion)



A heron silhouetted against the sky, with National Geographic Endeavour II and Kicker Rock in the background. (photo by Jonathan Aguas


Wolf Volcano

Wolf Volcano lights up the night. (photo by Jonathan Aguas


lindblad naturalists and good morning america crew pose for a selfie

Lindblad naturalists and Good Morning America crew pose for a selfie. (photo by Javier Carrion)