Tune in to Good Morning America February 21-26 as Amy Robach reports live from the National Geographic Endeavour II as part of GMA's "Extraordinary Earth" series. Here are a few photo highlights from the trip so far. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

guest takes photo of a sunset with an iphone

A guest takes a photo of an amazing sunrise. (photo by Gracie Boliek)


A close-up of a land iguana. (photo by Heidi Farmer)


National Geographic Endeavour II is visible in the distance in this view from higher ground. (photo by Gracie Boliek)

Amy Robach

Good Morning America's Amy Robach prepares to go live. (photo by Gracie Boliek)

magnificent frigatebird

A magnificent frigatebird takes flight. (photo by Heidi Farmer)

great blue heron

A great blue heron peeks out from a mangrove. (photo by Gracie Boliek)

Spelling Ohio_Gracie Boliek.JPG

Ohio State alumni show their school spirit. (photo by Gracie Boliek)

Hermit Crab_Heather Hunter_link NGE.JPG

A tiny ladybug crawls across a rock. (photo by Heather Hunter, National Geographic Expeditions)

Bird_Heider Farmer_HFphotos.com.JPG

A blue-footed booby perches on volcanic rocks by the shore. (photo by Heidi Farmer)