Tune in to Good Morning America February 21-26 as Amy Robach reports live from the National Geographic Endeavour II as part of GMA's "Extraordinary Earth" series. Here are a few photo highlights from the trip so far. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

Captain_Gracie Boliek.JPG

The man behind the navigation! National Geographic Endeavour II Captain Eduardo Neira has been safely sailing our guests and Good Morning America throughout the Galápagos Islands this week, including getting us up close to Wolf Volcano, Daphne Major and more. Earlier today, as he was discussing his love for the islands, Capitán said, “You can find the Stairway to Heaven here.” (photo by Gracie Boliek)

Landscape_NG Explorer Jenn Koop.JPG

A view of the surrounding water, and Pinnacle Rock, from the top of Bartolomé Island. (photo by Jenn Koop, National Geographic Explorer

three galapagos penguins

A few great penguin poses. (photos by Heidi Farmer

man taking selfie with sea lion

Good Morning America 
crew member Chris takes a selfie with a sea lion who seems to know exactly what to do. (photo by Gracie Boliek)

sea lion

Another sea lion poses with National Geographic Endeavour II in the background. (photo by Gracie Boliek)

Sea Lion Pablo Barrera

A sea lion and a marine iguana rest on the rocks while waves crash behind them. (photo by Pablo Barrera)

boobies silhouetted on rock

Three boobies are silhouetted against the sun. (photo by Jonathan Aguas)