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The Best of #marksmoments in 2021

Mark Coger, one of Lindblad Expeditions' video chroniclers, has an eye for catching unexpected and magical moments. Take a look back with us as we round up our 10 favorite video clips from #MarksMoments—a new social media series we started on Lindblad Expeditions’InstagramandFacebookin 2021. If you’d like to see more in 2022, follow Lindblad Expeditions on social media. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up


One of the most magical things about Galápagos is seeing unique wildlife behavior up close. On a walk along the coastline of North Seymour, Mark captured therare sight of afemaleblue-footedboobyreciprocating the advances of amale.Oftentimes, the female gives the male the cold shoulder, but not on this day—what a treat!


The Inian Islands in southeast Alaska is a wildlife hotspot, home to Steller sea lions, killer whales, sea otters, and more. Sea otters especially like this area, and it’s common to find them rolling around in the kelp.


On a voyage heading north up the coast of Baja California, hundreds of bottlenose dolphins surrounded the ship, with some jumping out of the water and others bow-riding in front. It was a spectacular moment.


Mark’s first encounter with fur seals was on South Georgia Island,Antarctica. In February and March, pups can be seen by the hundreds roaming around beaches, the grassy interior, and even up on the hills.


MassiveGalápagos tortoisescan be found in large numbers in Galápagos, especially in the highlands of Santa Cruz.On thisexpedition, we saw more than50 of these gentle giantsroaming agrassy field there.


Hermit crabs, which are found in abundance in Baja California, bring out Mark’s inner child. Here, one he just put downpokesitsheads out to see if the coast is clear,and thenscuttlesawayto resume itsdaily routine.


Mark has seen leopard seals before, but to see one with its pup was a very rare and special moment.


Its unique wildlife is a key reason that the Antarctic peninsula is so extraordinary. On one of Lindblad’s Zodiac cruises in Cierva Cove, Markfound this crabeater seal lounging on the ice, completely unbothered by our presence.


On South Georgia Island, Mark filmeda giant petrel harassing a group of juvenile gentoo penguins. Giant petrels often prey on penguin chicks, but these young penguins stuck together and noneendedup as a meal.


What is it like crossing the Drake Passage? According to Mark, it’s a 50/50 chance that it’s going to be eithercalm ("Drake Lake")or rough ("Drake Shake"). When the seas are calm, the ocean is as smooth as glass. But when they are rough, it’s one of the most exhilarating and memorable experiences you can have.

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