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  • 14 Jan 2022

Photos of the Week, January 14, 2022

José Calvo, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

No two expeditions are alike on a Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic trip, and this week's photos are compelling evidence! This week marks not only the departure of our first expeditions to Belize in nearly two years, but also our first visit to Antarctica's Peter I Island, a site almost never visited by tourist vessels, in literal decades. But as you'll see from this week's photos, one need not be breaking new ground to capture images we've never seen before—some of which tell surprisingly complex stories! 


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Spert Island, Antarctica

Antarctica and Patagonia: Legendary Ice and Epic Fjords, January 5, 2022

zodiac with whale fin

A humpback whale waves a pectoral fin as it surfaces in front of a very excited group of viewers.—Tanish Peelgrane, Naturalist/Expedition Diver


Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos

Wild Galápagos Escape, January 2022

tortoise foot

Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge, Guests (instagram: @joshandbrent)


Peter I Island, Antarctica

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent, January 5, 2022

diver with jellyfish

Our divers, Maya Santangelo and Emmett Clarkin, may be the first people to ever dive here. They found clear waters, full of basalt boulders covered in encrusting algae and invertebrates, with dozens of antarctic rock cod hiding in the niches. Emmett is mesmerized by the gentle swimming of a large ctenophore (comb jelly). —Robert Edwards, Naturalist (photo by Maya Santangelo)


Deception Island, Antarctica

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent, January 6, 2022

Penguins and hikers

Black dots are penguins going to the ocean to get their breakfast; white dots are penguins returning with full stomach to feed their chicks. —Sergei Pomonarenko, Naturalist


Coiba Island Marine National Park, Costa Rica

Monteverde + Costa Rica And Panama, January 6, 2022

common black hawk

Common black hawk, Buteogallus anthracinus. —Mauricio Tomala, Naturalist (photo by Frank Simms)


Bahia Agua Verde, Baja California, Mexico

Exploring the Sea of Cortez: A Living Sea & Desert Isles, January 9, 2022

sunset and ship bow

Expedition staff at the bow of National Geographic Venture for the first sunrise in the Sea of Cortez. —Jill Niederberger, Naturalist


Drake Passage, Antarctica

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent, January 9, 2022


Boots splashing into Virkon disinfectant. Today as we crossed the Drake Passage, we prepared for our upcoming adventure by following a strict decontamination process for personal gear. This ensures that we don’t accidentally introduce any foreign, potentially invasive species to the pristine sites we will visit in Antarctica. —Brett Garner, Naturalist/Expedition Diver


Floreana Island, Galápagos

Galápagos Aboard National Geographic Endeavour II, January 10, 2022

yellow flowers

Native and endemic plants of the Galápagos have flowers that are predominantly yellow or white. Both colors attract a wider variety of pollinating agents, which are rather rare in the island’s isolated ecosystem. —Gaby Bohorquez, Naturalist


Stonington Island, Antarctica

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent, January 10, 2022

people reading books in abandoned library

Two happy travelers enjoying some of the books at Stonington Island. The island was home to the British Antarctic Survey Station E, which was the base of operations for many historic surveying missions on the Antarctic Peninsula in the 1940s. The base was operational until 1975. —Javier Cotin, Naturalist


Half Moon Caye, Belize

Belize to Tikal: Reefs, Rivers & Ruins of The Maya World, January 11, 2022

conch shell on picnic table

Beautiful conch shells on the picnic table at Half Moon Caye.—Rachel Crane, Naturalist/Expedition Diver (photo by Jose Calvo)