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Transform Your 2022 Holidays With Adventure

If there were ever a year to go big—and leave home—this is absolutely the year. Give your usual holiday traditions a new twist and plan to celebrate in one of these wild places. Whether you’re gathering the whole family together for a long-overdue reunion or traveling solo, our small ship expeditions make the ideal holiday adventure. With daily activity options, flexible schedules, and open seating at mealtime, you can do as much or as little as you like, on your own or with the group. And we make planning seamless and stress-free. Book now to end 2022 on a wild, unforgettable note. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

Marvel at the Lights of a Legend

Instead of driving around town to look at holiday decorations, experience the twinkling lights of the legendary Panama Canal. On our in-depth voyage, you’ll transit the Canal over the course of two days—giving you the rare opportunity to see it by day as well as all lit up in the coolness of the night, perhaps with a celebratory cocktail in hand. Witnessing this marvel of engineering is impressive enough, but paired with Costa Rica’s lush rainforest, pristine beaches, and vibrant coral reefs, it’s a singular winter adventure you’ll remember forever.

Departing: Dec. 11, 20 & 27, 2022; Jan. 3 & 15, 2023


Rejoice with a Wild Soundtrack

Forget “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls.” In New Zealand's rarely visited Subantarctic Islands, you’ll be serenaded by the choral performances of colossal colonies of spectacular wildlife: 20,000 clamoring gannets, thousands of barking sea lions, and millions of braying penguins. Hike and Zodiac cruise your way through this lively and wild wonderland teeming with animals and plants found nowhere else in the world, and have up-close encounters of the very best kind.

Departing: Dec. 27, 2022 and Jan. 14, 2023       


Watch a One-of-a-Kind Marine Ballet

Skip the Nutcracker in favor of a different kind of ballet. In a place Jacques Cousteau dubbed “the world’s aquarium,” you’ll have a front-row seat to an unforgettable performance: pods of bow-riding dolphins, acrobatic sea lions, and graceful mobula rays leaping out of the water; as well as flocks of seabirds soaring above. After each thrilling day exploring the Sea of Cortez there’s one last encore—a spectacular golden hour that lights up the desert landscape, changing colors until the sun slips behind the horizon and a curtain of stars envelops the night sky.


Departing: Dec. 20 & 27, 2022


Have an Epic Snow Day

Ditch your backyard for the world’s biggest snowy playground—Antarctica. As you explore the virgin landscapes, you’ll have a chance at once-in-a-lifetime winter fun: slide down hills, toss snowballs, or make snow angels on the 7th Continent. On early season voyages, you can even snowshoe or cross-country ski on a frozen sea. Just think of the jaw-dropping photos you'll capture for next year's holiday cards!


Departing: Multiple dates in Nov., Dec., Jan. & Feb.

Photo: Michael S. Nolan

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Experience New Cultures and Traditions

Expand beyond familiar holiday customs and witness the diverse cultural traditions of the Māori and Melanesian people. There are more than 100 iwi (tribes) in Aotearoa, the Māori name for New Zealand. In the beautiful Bay of Islands archipelago, receive a traditional Māori welcome in Waitangi then enter an expertly carved meeting house for a performance of songs and a traditional war dance. Vanuatu, with more than 80 islands and 110 languages, is strikingly culturally diverse. Explore a UNESCO World Heritage site associated with their last great chief; have the privilege of seeing an ancient ceremonial Rom dance, only performed in Ambrym; and on remote Owaraha in the Solomon Islands, be welcomed by dancers in elaborate costumes and body paint, and invited into Spirit Houses, which contain the remains of clan chiefs.


Departing: Dec. 14, 2022  



Burn Off Calories in a Blue Paradise

If you’re looking to burn off some holiday calories, trade that Christmas 5K for an active escape in the remote Out Islands of the Bahamas. Kayak in wild mangroves on the lookout for foraging sea turtles; paddleboard among bright pink West Indian flamingos; walk in colorfully painted fishing villages and along pink sand beaches; and snorkel among galaxies of tropical fish like blue tangs and princess parrotfish. Return home rejuvenated and relaxed—a perfect way to begin a new year.


Departing: Dec. 29, 2022