Some may remember his 10-year adventure odyssey, begun in 1972 together with his late brother Lorne, documented in the Emmy-winning BBC/PBS series Ring of Fire, and the book by the same name. For those who have never seen the series (a digitally remastered DVD was released in 2003, but a newly upgraded version is in the works and will soon be aired again on TV), it is an exhilarating experience. A true Indiana Jones story, alternately hair-raising and heart-gladdening, it vividly reminds us of the eternal vastness and strangeness of our world.

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His adventures headed in a different direction when he accepted Lars-Eric Lindblad's invitation to accompany guests of the Lindblad Explorer—in his words, "the first genuine exploratory ship"—to explore the Spice Islands in 1978. Since then, Dr. Blair has accompanied and led expeditions in this region of the world accompanying luminaries in the field of science, and including celebrities: Mick Jagger, Larry Summers, and Richard Dawkins to name just a few.