Change: A Permanent Polar Art Exhibit

Exclusively Aboard National Geographic Endurance

The first-ever permanent ship-based art installation

Acclaimed artist Zaria Forman has assumed a ground-breaking curatorship—a definitive polar art exhibition aboard the world’s ultimate new polar expedition ship. She has assembled Change, the first-ever, permanent ship-based installation of drawings, paintings, video, photography, sculpture, and even soundscape by a wide range of artists dedicated to examining and expressing response to vulnerable polar geographies.

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Using each deck of the ship, Zaria has displayed works, including her own, which explore key themes—polar light, the intimate geometries of vast geographies, human history in polar regions, and more—to give our guests the richest polar experience possible. The beauty and grandeur of these fragile landscapes has been a source of inspiration for countless artists and explorers and now, those on board National Geographic Endurance will get the chance to experience the same.

Guided and self-guided ship-wide tours will be available for a more in-depth exploration of the art in both the public and private spaces of the ship.

Ice Crispies
03:51 min, collected in Errera Channel, Antarctica, 2015
Courtesy the artist, Zaria Forman

Click to listen to the sound of glacial ice melting, and the ancient air bubbles trapped inside of it breaking free. (Also the “whirring” sounds in the background are Gentoo penguins).



Themes & Artists of Change

Explore a sampling of the exhibition’s themes and artists whose work is on display.