Whether you're experienced at solo travel or trying it for the first time, our welcoming on-board community and many group activities make traveling on your own a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Welcome to the expedition community

Solo travelers find shipboard life social and welcoming. Guests often compare traveling aboard our ships to sailing aboard a private yacht with a group of like-minded travelers—and everyone is integral to the adventure. You’ll discover the shared community spirit of travel enchanting. Many dining room tables have an odd number of seats to make mixing easy at dinner, and you’ll find our expedition staff is as companionable as they are knowledgeable. 

On some expeditions, find a roommate

If you would like to share accommodations with another guest of the same gender, we will be happy to try to accommodate you. This program allows you to pay the per person double-occupancy rate whether or not we find a roommate to share with you. This is subject to availability, and limited to certain ships and categories. Call for details.