“Looking, searching, finding. There is a persistent belief that wildlife is everywhere, it’s easy to find, and that if we just go to the right location, the wildlife is waiting there for us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Finding wildlife is a combination of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people who are actively searching and know what to look for. I work with some of the best wildlife spotters in the world, people tuned by years of disciplined and diligent observation who always have their eyes open and never let down their guard. The payoffs are extraordinary wildlife encounters, and the joy of sharing these experiences with people who have never been part of the process of looking, searching, and finding.”

– Expedition Leader, Rab Cummings
Instagram: @rabcummings



When it's time to travel, here's where the wild things are


Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent ▶
Exploring the peninsula’s wildlife & wonders


South Georgia & the Falklands ▶
A wildlife extravaganza in the remote Southern Ocean


Land of the Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration of Arctic Svalbard ▶
A high North archipelago where wildlife reigns supreme




Exploring Russia's Far East & Wrangel Island ▶

Pacific walrus haul-outs, ancestral polar bear dens & more




Baja California & the Sea of Cortez: Among the Great Whales ▶

For extraordinary sightings & encounters with gentle giants

Exploring the Sea of Cortez: A Living Sea & Desert Isles ▶
Surreal cacti are backdrops to a sea vibrant with marine life




Galápagos ▶

Enchanted isles & otherworldly encounters with wildlife




Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness ▶

A small ship exploration inside authentic Alaska


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