Appearing on the horizon, islands command our gaze.

Whether they manifest as apparitions or invitations, islands are the supreme validation of travel by ship. There is simply nothing like standing on deck or on the Bridge as an island materializes out of the blank vastness of the sea. The islomanes among us live for these moments, the sheer number of islands in the world a goad for their passion. For the rest of us, somewhere on the continuum between ‘have had’ the experience and ‘never have,’ these itineraries hold unparalleled promise.



Colorful villages stud the coast where ruins reveal agrarian Vikings, and earth’s mantle is laid bare

Canadian Maritimes & Newfoundland ▶



The itinerary takes you to the exquisite reaches of sail in these isles, but the destination is Sea Cloud

Sailing the Caribbean Aboard Sea Cloud



United Kingdom


Both expeditions bypass the familiar or cliché to reveal the 6,000-year history of storied isles

Ancient Isles: England, Ireland & Scotland ▶


Scotland's Highlands & Islands ▶





History, dynasties, samurai, ancient ruins, art, renowned gardens & the wild side of sea-facing isles

Coastal Japan: Imperial Dynasties and Modern Culture ▶


Sailing the East China Sea: Japan, Okinawa, and Taiwan ▶




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