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Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program helps consumers and businesses make smart choices for healthy oceans. The program raises consumer awareness of ocean issues through a number of tools, and since 1999 they have distributed over 40 million pocket guides, which we distribute aboard our ships. Seafood Watch makes peer reviewed recommendations based on scientific research, ecosystem impacts, and set standards of sustainability we in turn use to improve our sustainable seafood sourcing.


Lindblad Expeditions and Monterey Bay Aquarium have been partners and collaborators for over a decade, and we operate based on Monterey Bay Aquarium recommendations.


We have trained our crew and suppliers on ocean conservation and responsible seafood choices, and we have educated our guests about the issues and our commitment.


Our team closely monitors and vets all seafood served on board our ships worldwide, to make sure the fisheries we select are using responsible catching methods to maintain the health of the ocean floors and avoid by catch.


The menus aboard our ships respond to dynamic sustainability conditions in the regions we explore; we change seafood options depending on Ocean stock levels to ensure we are not depleting any quotas of any species that could potentially be in danger.


We truly believe in the possibility to make a change by remaining active in our ongoing commitment to sustainable, healthy and delicious options.

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