The Lindblad Expedition Team

Meet our expert staff and travel tour guides, the key to the success of your expedition

Expedition Team Directory

The best in their fields. Meet our team and see why our staff inspires such passion.


Skilled professionals with extraordinary experience, join them on the bridge anytime.

Expedition Leaders

Veteran leaders are the orchestrators of your expedition experience.


With diverse backgrounds, you’re invited to explore with whichever naturalist’s interests you most share.

Guest Speakers

Get an insider’s view from guest speakers who know the region intimately.

Global Perspective Guest Speakers

Flanking our expert staff are guest speakers whose unique backgrounds add layers of interest.

National Geographic Staff

Experts and leaders in diverse fields, you will gain insight through their research and fieldwork.

National Geographic Photographers

Travel with and learn from some of the best photographers in the world.

Naturalists/Certified Photo Instructors

With their knowledge of wildlife behavior and photography, they’ll ensure you go home with top shots.

Undersea Specialists & Divemasters

Your eyes on the undersea. Learn what lives beneath the waves, even in polar regions and Alaska.


Our historians will share the stories, tumults, and triumphs of the people and places we explore.

Cultural Specialists

Gain an insider perspective into the lives and histories of the peoples’ lands we visit.

Assistant Expedition Leaders

Logistics mavens, their plans for ports and life aboard ensure seamless travel experiences.

Wellness Specialists

They embody the spirit of health, harmony, and holistic wellness of our expeditions.

Video Chroniclers

Professional videographers who capture the story of your expedition.

Past Guest Speakers, Global Perspectives Program

World leaders, top tier journalists, and renowned explorers.

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