Ciaran Cronin


Since developing an interest in wildlife as a young teenager Ciaran has devoted most of his waking hours (and many of his sleeping ones too!) to the study of nature, and has found many devious ways of marrying his love for wildlife with other aspects of his life. With postgraduate qualifications as an ecologist, he currently runs an ecological consultancy in Ireland, advising on incorporating wildlife protection into developments such as windfarms and national infrastructure projects. An ornithological and marine mammal specialist, he has a wide range of field skills as well as comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of other species groups. He has worked with both British and Irish government departments surveying seabirds and mammals, and he trains new surveyors in survey techniques and identification. Fortunate to have been able to immerse himself in the field, Ciaran loves to share this knowledge and enjoys engaging with people of all interest levels, on all things wild.

Ciaran has wide ranging experience at sea and ashore throughout the British Isles and Ireland, with travel experience in Europe, North Africa, and Central America. As a formerly qualified ships officer he has travelled extensively at sea throughout northern Europe, although this was really just an excuse to get paid to see more birds and whales.

He currently lives in a renovated cottage on a headland in the south of Ireland, with his beautiful wife and lively young boy. From there he continually fails to do any work because of the fin and humpback whales which keep appearing outside his office window.

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