Kenneth Brassil


Kenneth Brassil was born and raised in North Wales by Welsh-Irish parents. He attended university in London at Wales and Sheffield, studying geology, micropalaeontology, prehistory and archaeology. He traveled to Kenya on a Winston Churchill Fellowship and contributed to the University of Massachusetts Lukenya Hill excavation program. Kenneth spent his early career as a field archaeologist in London and Wales and went on to specialize in history and archeology education. He was appointed to the staff of the National Museum of Wales as Later Prehistorian. Kenneth curated the Millennium exhibition “What Makes Wales?” and co-curated the British Museum loan exhibition “Snettisham Celtic Treasure.” He also developed museum cross-cultural video conferencing and was a contributor to television and radio programs in Welsh and English.

Kenneth is a tour guide in Ireland, France, Italy, and Spain as well as a Lindblad Expeditions lecturer aboard Scotland’s Highlands & Islands voyages. In 2019, Kenneth explored the Orkney Isles and the west of Ireland, and also walked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route across Galicia, Spain.  He is currently retired in the mountains: home is now the Snowdonia National Park, where he is still lecturing and guiding. His current interests include mountains, artists, and literature; churches and chapels; pilgrimage; Charles Darwin in Wales; and the poet Robert Graves in Snowdonia. 

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