Sandra Snaebjornsdottir

Guest Speaker

Sandra Snæbjörnsdóttir is the head of CO2 mineral storage at CarbFix, a newly founded subsidiary of Reykjavik Energy, which works on capturing CO2 from emission sources and permanently store it as rocks in the subsurface. By capturing the CO2, injecting it into the subsurface and turning it into stone the CO2 is prevented from affecting the atmosphere. The CarbFix project dates back to 2007 but has received world-wide attention after the project's groundbreaking results in 2016.

Sandra finished her PhD in geology and geochemistry in 2017 on the first CarbFix injection experiments. Prior to her work on CarbFix she worked as a geothermal specialist at Iceland GeoSurvey. Sandra will give insights into Iceland’s geology and Iceland’s part in fighting climate change with renewable energy and innovative solutions.

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