Standard Cabin Amenities

Comfort & convenience in every cabin


The ship is air-conditioned and heated throughout. Each cabin has its own air flow regulator, allowing you to control the temperature level in your cabin.

Basic amenities

You’ll find botanically-inspired shampoo, shower gel, a hair dryer, and an SPF 15 lip balm in your cabin.

Cabin keys

We do not issue keys to the cabins on this vessel. Cabin doors may be locked from the inside. Each cabin has a desk with a locking drawer.

Electrical current

Each cabin is equipped with 110-volt (standard American-style) outlets. Electric razors, hair dryers, and other small appliances may be used in cabin outlets. Please note that the electrical current is sometimes uneven, so we suggest you use a surge protector if you have one for your computer or other sensitive equipment.

Luggage storage

Your cabin has been designed so that luggage can be stored under your bed. There is ample space to hang and store clothing in your cabin. Due to space limitations, we cannot store your luggage in other areas on board the ship.


Smoking is allowed only in designated outdoor areas. Smoking is not permitted in any interior space including guest cabins.

Wireless Internet

Your cabin offers Wi-Fi access. Connecting to the satellite Internet costs between $.40 and $.75 per minute, based on how many minutes you purchase.