Standard Cabin Amenities

Comfort & convenience in every cabin


The ship is air-conditioned and heated when appropriate throughout. Each cabin has controls for regulating airflow.

Cabin keys

Note that the cabins do not have keys. Your cabin can be locked from the inside.

Electrical current

Each cabin has 220-volt outlets, and in addition each bathroom has a 220-volt outlet that can only be used for razors, battery chargers, or other appliances that draw small amounts of current. The 220-volt outlets take continental two-pin plugs.

Luggage storage

Your cabin has been designed so that luggage can be stored under your bed (clearance is approximately 11 inches). There is also a closet with space to hang and store clothing. Suitcases can be stored for you on board the ship for the duration of the voyage.


Smoking is allowed only in designated outdoor areas. Smoking is not permitted in enclosed areas, including guest cabins.


Each cabin is equipped with a small safety deposit box. However, we recommend that you leave jewelry and other valuables at home.