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Erin McFadden

Erin was born and raised in Scotland in the small coastal town of Dunbar. She decided to leave home at the age of 17 to pursue her interests in marine biology and scuba diving. Five months in the Bahamas cemented her passion for these interests and over the course of the next few years Erin worked in Cyprus and Zanzibar, as well as completing projects in South Africa and Mozambique.

At the same time, Erin was working towards her degree in marine biology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. After graduating in 2011 she was awarded the Our World- Underwater Scholarship Society’s Rolex Scholarship for Europe. This prestigious scholarship saw Erin travel from the Canadian Arctic to New Zealand and many places in between. During the year she took part in an array of diving courses and experiences, as well as gaining many insights into marine science and conservation.

Today Erin continues to travel the world for work. Since July 2012 she has largely been based in the Polar Regions, where she has been working as a dive and expedition guide in Svalbard, Greenland and Antarctica. When not in the Polar Regions, Erin enjoys the warmer waters of the world. Recently she was lucky enough to be part of a project mapping large areas of the Great Barrier Reef.

Being able to travel the world and guide others is a pleasure for Erin and she looks forward to every voyage and every dive – whether the water is 30˚F or 85˚F.

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