Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor icon Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Ryder Redfield

Growing up at the base of the Cascade Mountains in the tiny Oregon town of Sisters meant that Ryder was surrounded by wilderness. A childhood of hiking, fishing, hunting for arrowheads, camping, and upland bird hunting resulted in the outdoors feeling far more comfortable than hectic city streets. His passion for the outdoors has perpetually grown and, upon graduating from the University of Oregon, he embraced his wanderlust with even greater vigor. His adventures eventually led him to working with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic as a photo instructor.

Ryder is happiest when immersed in a new culture or exploring nature’s secrets and wonders. From tropical Costa Rica to the majestic peaks of the Pacific Northwest to the dry deserts of Baja Mexico, he is constantly challenging himself to squeeze the most out of every moment. Capturing these moments is his creative escape, and armed with his camera and natural positivity he’s found that working aboard an expedition ship a perfect fit.