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10 Bucket List Experiences for the Well-Traveled Explorer

Nothing inspires new adventures or fresh perspectives like a new year. Our expertly crafted itineraries are designed to immerse intrepid travelers in remote parts of our fascinating planet. As you plan for 2024, consider checking off some of these unforgettable bucket-list experiences, from sailing among epic ice and rare wildlife in the legendary Northwest Passage to swimming in an otherworldly grotto on a pristine Polynesian island.  

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Sail the Storied Northwest Passage

Venture in the wake of the legendary explorers who came before, encountering rare wildlife and epic icescapes in the Northwest Passage. Sail well above 80° north and witness mythic creatures like polar bears, walruses, or maybe even narwhals as you glide between glittering icebergs in Greenland, Canada, and the high Arctic.

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Photo: Ralph Lee Hopkins

Go on a Penguin Safari in the Subantarctic Isles

Sail south to the wildly beautiful subantarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia, where you can spot up to 8 of the world’s 18 penguin species,  including king penguins, endemic royal penguins, and even rare yellow-eyed penguins. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site, the remote and rugged isles that make up this fascinating region are home to millions of penguins and an absolute must-see for wildlife lovers.


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Photo: Ralph Lee Hopkins

Swim in an Otherworldly Grotto

With a flashlight in hand, explore a series of intricate underground limestone caves that support an uplifted coral atoll, one of the most unique landforms in all of the Pacific. Float past a multitude of incredible stalagmites as you enjoy the stillness of the grotto.

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Fly the Drake Passage to Antarctica

Discover the wonder of the world’s last great wilderness in less time on our new Antarctica Direct voyages which fly over the Drake Passage either one way or both directions. With these flexible options, you can chart your own course to the White Continent to experience this otherworldly realm of sculpted ice and abundant wildlife with the pioneers of Antarctica exploration.


See Antactica Direct: Fly the Drake Passage
See Antarctica Direct: Sail and Fly the Drake Passage

Courtesy: DAP Airlines

Marvel at Norway’s Bird-Filled Bear Island

Explore this remote Arctic isle that teems with an unbelievable number of seabirds who flock there to nest and feed in the summer months. On a thrilling Zodiac ride, cruise along the towering, angular cliffs formed over millions of years and through breathtaking caves and passages

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Photo: Michael S. Nolan

Encounter the Legendary Komodo Dragon

Experience the thrill of observing the prehistoric Komodo dragon in its natural habitat in Komodo National Park. As you're guided through the trails, you'll spot dragons from a safe distance moving through the forest underbrush and across the savanna—you might even observe them climbing trees or swimming in the region's crystalline waters.


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Witness Some of the Oldest Human Art

Discover some of the 100,000+ cave paintings drawn by aboriginals 40,000 years ago in the vast wilderness of the Kimberely. Uncovered by Europeans in 1891, these ancient cave artworks, known as Gwion Gwion Aboriginal art, hold a profound record of Australia's—as well as the world’s—earliest human history.


See Kimberley Expedition: Northwest Australia and Indonesia >

Photo: Michael S. Nolan

Discover Egypt’s Greatest Antiquities

Sail the fabled Nile River as you explore gems of antiquity dating back 5,000 years. Walk through the Valley of the Kings, the burial ground for Egypt’s greatest pharaohs including King Tut, marvel at the pyramids of Giza, and stand beneath giant sandstone cliffs at the Temple of Hatshepsut.


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Photo: Michael S. Nolan

Experience a World-Class Wine Region with Top Experts

Navigate the winding Columbia and Snake Rivers as you taste your way through the wild bounty of this fertile region. On our immersive new journey with Food & Wine, savor the flavors of a curated menu of world-class wines and delectable pairings while discovering the area’s rich history and thriving farmlands and vineyards.


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Take a 4x4 Super Jeep Ride into Iceland’s Mountains

Hop in a super jeep able to navigate rough terrain with ease and head deep into the coastal mountains of East Iceland to explore remote nature and hidden waterfalls. Stepping out to walk along wildflower-trimmed trails, you’ll have incredible views of the majestic fjords below all to yourself.


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Main image, king penguins on Macquarie Island, Australia: Ralph Lee Hopkins