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Traveling Creatively: Africa Photo Books

Last spring 148 guests embarked on a sweeping journey up the coast of West Africa, beginning in Cape Town and landing in 16 countries before saying their goodbyes to one another in Marrakesh. Before the trip ended they would each fill an entire passport with visas, be greeted by national press in Liberia, and pass among deserts, tropical islands, and cities that pulse with life. And nearly everywhere they stopped, they would be greeted by the people.

One guest, Paul Pitzer, snapped photos of the people they met along the way, and turned it into a photo book: People 4, West African Odyssey.

He said, “I’ve been taking pictures of people since the ‘60s when I was in the Peace Corps. I consider what I do taking pictures; Grace (his wife) is the photographer. My book is really an addendum to hers, covering a fascinating aspect of an amazing expedition.”

Grace Pitzer’s excellent photo book, West Africa Odyssey, South Africa to Morocco, does an extraordinary job documenting the wonder and scope of the voyage, and we are delighted to be able to share Grace and Paul Pitzer’s work with you.